Technical Training Specialist

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Need a qualified instructor?

My goal is to help you get people trained with my expertise in technical training and course development including documentation. 

Whether you are training a team on software applications, new hardware or simply processes and standards, I can help you complete the job correctly.

By combining empathic learning along with ADDIE methodology, the student gets the best training by removing fear and apprehension of the training while demonstrating the step-action-result type of approach to learning. Simply add some hands-on to the mix, and you’ll have a blended training program with a real return on investment (ROI).

Having used this hybrid method over the years, I've successfully trained many employees and engineers for Coca Cola, Sylvan Learning Centers, Verizon, T-Mobile, The Frontline Group and many individuals as well.

I also offer custom PowerPoint decks and the ability to convert them to narrated videos for posting on your website or LMS (Learning Management System).

Podcasts are great way to train while allowing for easy portability when a PC is not available. 

Simply download the training podcast to your MP3 player, iPhone, iPod or Android device prior to travel. It’s then available anytime without the need of a computer or internet connection.

Don't be one of those companies that budget for formal training getting only a 15% pay off in terms of improved job performance. I can help you defeat those odds!


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